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By - Sophia

Wow! iPhone XS, iPhoneXS max and iPhone XR have dual sim support.

Dual sim support is not a big deal in present time but iPhone starts its range of dual sim iPhonesin 2018. Apple launched this feature in its upcoming new iPhones- iPhone XS, iPhone XS max and iPhone XR.In this new range of iPhones have so many qualities which different than older iPhones. These new iPhones are available in attractive colours. Except this may be this new range of iPhones have some impressive features which will make you excited to buying them.
But here are some related thing from new iPhone’s new feature which you have to know before you will impress with these iPhones and take decision for buy latest iPhones. These facts about iPhone’s latest range are:-

1. The new thing is E-sim cards supports in these latest iPhones. In these latest iPhones enable to connect dual sim connectivity you have to choose an e-sim from your telecom operator.

2. If you buy a new iPhone with dual sim support at this time, you may be upset because Apple says that “In new i Phones support will give to e-sim via software update, so presently you don’t find dual sim support in them.

3. In India now only Reliance Jio (postpaid&prepaid) and Airtel (postpaid) offers e-sim. If you use dual sim cards in your new iPhone, so you must have another sim either Reliance jio or Airtel postpaid. Without these telecom company’s sim cards you can’t use e sim card slot.

4. Third is that if you use Apple watch series 3 cellular or you think about buy apple watch series 4, so take care of it that in your apple watch and iPhone must have only one mobile number and operator. Once you choose one operator between reliance jio and Airtel postpaid, after it you can’t change your mobile number.

5. If you buy a new iPhone in India so firstly you must have confirm with Apple store that e-sim connectivity will support or not in India and before buying a new iPhone must check model number.

6. If you usually go to a trip of abroad, you have to choose an option of international roaming plan in your e-sim card. It will chargeable during international roaming. Here is a point to be note that in e-sim cards international roaming plan can be more expensive than you think. E-sim card doesn’t support in many countries so there you can use your physical sim for roaming.

7. The good news for those, who want to buy a new iPhone, is that in present time e-sim cards are free but in future you have to pay for it. Reliance jio and Airtel postpaid will provide you e-sim card connectivity in India. iPhone users have to pay $10 ( Rs. 720/-) every month only for buying e-sim card in USA. In India e-sim cards are free now.

8. If you are already use Airtel post-paid or Reliance jio connection, so you don’t need to buy a new number for e-sim card registration. You can convert your regular sim number to e-sim. For example, you have an Airtel post-paid and idea sim, you can convert your Airtel postpaid number in e-sim card and use your idea sim as physical sim in new device.

9. The new iPhones retain the design of the older iPhone X. Though both of them feature HDR10 in their displays and Dolby Vision which means users will be able to experience HDR content seamlessly on streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Video. The new A12 Bionic Chip also features a 9 times faster machine learning than before.

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