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learned form mistake as a entinupure
By - Sophia

Learned entrepreneurs from mistakes

Today every person does not want to work under anybody; they don’t feel good to work with anyone. That’s why most people like to become entrepreneurs of their own business. They all start their own business in excitement.but they are not able to run business properly. They are afraid of “mistakes” that happen in their mind every time. And they avoid mistakes every time. It is true that the lesser the mistake in the business is as good as it is, but we also know that the mistakes happen only when a person try to rich out own comfort zone. And it is said that “Mistakes are proof that you are trying “The only thing to understand at this point is that an entrepreneur should not be confined to his mind due to fear of a mistake.. They should take the mistake only positive and not neglecting them. To become a successful entrepreneur, you must learn something or something from your mistakes. However, most of the young businesses usually make similar mistakes during business. The results of these same mistakes are usually the same for them. Because of which they have many difficulties.Let’s know what mistakes a young entrepreneur should avoid so that he can achieve success-

To boast:-
“Do not boast”these words are understandable not just for an entrepreneur, but it is necessary to understand every person. Everyone Pride is in some way above themselves, it may be due to being capable in anything else, or being able to work more than any other person. But here’s a good thing to understand that an entrepreneur should not boast about success. You must have heard that the ego of a person only causes him to fail. As such an entrepreneur fails, his pride also becomes. When you begin to take pride in your achievements or the extent to which you work, then you cannot see or ignore the small things that are essential for business, and your failure increases further.

Celebrate before victory:-
Most of the time it is seen that whenever an entrepreneur gets small success, then he celebrates much more than his needs. Celebrating success is not a bad thing. But if you are celebrating before success This too is also not right because celebrating before success can be your biggest mistake, when everything is going well, it is to be happy, but not before any success or victory,it will be happy. A big mistake can prove to be your business. Remember to celebrate the celebration, but after success is attained. If you are celebrating happiness before getting success, then you can not be sure that you will get success or you will have to understand that before you can be happy Not right because you are new in this business field. Therefore, if you do not celebrate happiness before doing success, then if you have to face the failure, then you will be disappointed with yourself at that time. Therefore it is not right to celebrate happiness before time with joy.

Bending ahead to the challenges:-
Whenever a new person becomes entrepreneur, he is obsessed with doing all the work. But, when he gets a tough challenge that he has never faced. So in front of such a challenge, they do nothing and simply accept defeat. Most of the young entrepreneur initially accept defeat due to the failures or challenges found in the past year and not take the business forward. This is their biggest mistake. To be successful, it is very important to deal with all the situations and prove yourself. Do not fall asleep in front of him. To become a successful entrepreneur, why not face the difficult challenge on the way without fear him. should not give up, should face all those problems and not fear him.

Doing everything alone:-
I get that you feel like you have to do everything in you company on your own, but this is simply not true. For the fear of losing control, you will most likely turn to micromanaging and wasting time on different tasks that you are not very good at or even like. Don’t be afraid to hire new people to do these tasks, they might be better and make your already stressful life much more pleasant. Keep in mind, two heads are better than one.

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