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Important Tips of , How To Describe Yourself In An Interview
By - Sophia

Important Tips of , How To Describe Yourself In An Interview

“So tell me about yourself” is something you will hear in almost every single job interview, and unfortunately a lot of people tend to overlook this as small talk and blabber about themselves in terms of hobbies and where they grew up.
However this question is great opportunity to stand out to hiring managers if you are well prepared and know how to respond. so, I will tell you exactly what to say to nail the interview questions and boost your opportunity to land the job.
1.Talk about your past experience.
2.Talk about the future and explain why you are the perfect fit.
And you want to tie all these two parts into showcasing your ability to deliver results in a conversation friendly causal manner.

Talk about your past experience:-
Here is some sub-points to know how you talk about your past experience

1. Describing Your Experience:-
Do your research about the position for which you’re interviewing. You need to know everything you can about what your responsibilities will be, what skills you’ll be expected to know or learn quickly, and the environment you will be working in. Most importantly, you need to know how it is similar and how it is different from your previous or current job. This is critical so that you don’t step on any toes while you are discussing your experience at your previous job.

Remark on things you enjoyed about your last place of work. Give specific examples, and make sure they align with the position you’re interviewing for. The interviewer is trying to determine how well you will fit in at their company, and also trying to determine your character. It’s important to show that you’re a team player and loyal to your employer, while highlighting specific things you enjoy in your previous position that will be similar in the new position

2.Explaining Your Exit:-
Focus on your desire to work for the interviewing company. Clearly there is a reason why you are interviewing for a new job, and your explanation should flatter the interviewer. Let them know that you want the opportunity they’re offering, and that’s why you are leaving your current position.

Speak kindly of your previous or current employer:-
This point should be stressed. There is nothing to gain from insulting your previous company. Even more importantly, this can tell the interviewer that you’re flighty or entitled. For example, if you tell the interviewer that you didn’t like your boss or one aspect of the work, it may indicate that you’ll take off whenever anything displeases you.

Be humble and honest when addressing a lay-off or termination:-
Your interviewer may reach out to your past employers or references, so your honesty is crucial. Typically, an interviewer will be understanding about a lay-off, especially if you are transparent about what exactly occurred. If you were fired, make sure you are very careful about how you explain it. Maybe your role changed and you were unable to meet demands, maybe you weren’t fully aware of the job requirements when you accepted the job, maybe new management took over and you were no longer a great fit for the role. Whatever your reason, make sure you offer a lesson that you learned through the experience.

Talk about the future and explain why you are the perfect fit.
In that case you have to be talk about the future and you have to be explain why you are perfect for this we have some idea that how you are perfect for this job. You must tell your interview taker that-
“I’m a creative thinker. I think it’s important to approach tasks and issues from different angles, rather than just doing what has always been done. By having an open mind and taking a different approach, I believe you can find new and improved ways of doing things.

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